We’re a collective of independent filmmakers telling inclusive, compelling stories with the resources available to us. We’re incredibly proud of what we’re creating together in our hometowns. Our recent movies have won awards at film festivals, and we’re committed to improving with every production.


We’re making an anthology of standalone mysteries. Our first production in the anthology is based on a classic novel by Dorothy L. Sayers. We’re also producing mysteries by local writers, and we’re developing an Agatha Christie adaptation too. We work with independent cast and crew, with an emphasis on underrepresented people.


Your donation will support crew, cast, editors, and composers; improve our production design (wardrobe, set, props); secure permits and insurance; cover location fees during production; cover festival submission fees; and help us market our films to as wide an audience as we can reach.


We can’t achieve our dreams without your help. To thank you for supporting our upcoming production, we want to share exclusive rewards.

$30 – Shout-out

$60 – Special credit

$100 – First to stream

$150 – Autographed DVD

$350 – Behind-the-scenes

$500 – Appear in the movie

$700 – VIP premiere

$1,000 – Get ready for your close-up

$1,250 – Associate producer

$3,000 – Executive producer

$10,000 – Gold Star Sponsor

$25,000 – Platinum Star Sponsor

$50,000 – Angel Sponsor

** Contact us to finalize details.